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What Is A Hotwife?

Women Who Like To Cuckold Their Husbands.

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What is a Hotwife?


A Hotwife is a woman who likes to:

Have sex with men other than a husband/boyfriend, making him a Cuckold.

The Hotwife may humiliate her Cuckold further by:

  • Make her Cuckold watch her fucking her lover
  • Make her Cuckold prepare her for her date with her lover.
  • Going on a date with another man, later returning home and telling her husband about the date while they have sex or she makes him give her a creampie cleanup.
  • Dress her Cuckold as a Sissy and make him give her lover a blowjob to make him hard for fucking her.
  • Force her Cuckold to give her a creampie cleanup
  • Force her Cuckold to lick and suck her lovers cock clean after he has come in her.

The ways a Hotwife can humiliate her Cuckold depends only on how far their shared fantasy takes them!

As with any sexual fantasy only do what both of you are happy with.

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