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It only takes a few minutes to create a profile. Make it interesting to read, if your profile is boring to read, or if there is nothing to read people will tend to just skip past.

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Don't send one line messages saying "I want to fuck you", a message like that would rightly be consigned to the trash.

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Never bombard a person with dozens of messages. It can a take a person time to read all the message they have recieved.

If they are not interested they should either reply or send a system message to you declining to meet.

You can see whn a person has read your message by going into your sent messages folder. There will be an envelope icon with a notation saying unread or read and a date the message was read.

If the message is unread it could be because: The user did not like your profile, or the system identified it as a non-match using your profile info., or the member may be a classic member and have no further free messages available.

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With careful searching and polite messaging you will find the right people to meet.

If you are a Bull meeting a Cuckold Couple please remember that they are living out a fantasy. So before your meeting find out what fantasy they want to fulfil with you and make sure you are comfortable with the scenario.

All three of you will be role playing, so make sure you understand what the couple want and where any boundaries are.

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