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What Is A Bull?

A Bull Is The Man Who Helps A Hotwife Cuckold Her Husband.

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What is a Bull?


A Bull is a man who has sex with another mans wife or girlfriend.

Originally in the context of the Hotwife and Cuckolding scene a Bull wss usually a Fertile male used to impregnate a Hotwife.

A White Hotwife using a Big Black Bull to get pregnant is the ultimate level of being a Hotwife, bringing total humiliation on her Cuckold.

These days the single guy in a Cuckolding relationship is reffered to as a Bull.

The Bull is there to perform a function: He has to sexually satisfy the Hotwife and often Humiliate the Cuckold.

If you are invited to perform the duties as a Bull check with the couple to find out exactly what they expect from you. Not all Cuckolding Couples have the same fantasies.

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